333 George St Hoarding
Charter Hall

Working in close collaboration with Charter Hall THERE delivered a bespoke hoarding strategy for Sydney’s 333 George street, to stand out from the crowd.

THERE was engaged by Charter Hall to deliver an eye-catching hoarding design for their landmark development. The challenge was to achieve a visually striking design that would stretch the planning approval process with City of Sydney Council.

Given the tight parameters and guidelines as set out by the city for hoarding design, THERE’s approach was to create an extension on the existing visual language and translate this into a graphic form that would be interpreted as ‘art’.

We produced the 333 logo as bold statement with a mirrored fascia and strong solid yellow returns, that extruded from the hoarding. The half tonne signage was affixed to the upper hoarding face to ensure viewing distances would be maximised.

Our design approach was to play with gloss and matt contrasts to achieve a sophisticated 'black on black’ approach. We also used reflective silver vinyls, and bold yellows that could be readily identified from extended viewing distances, and be uniquely “on brand” at all times.

The result, one of the last creative hoardings that will be seen in the City of Sydney LDA due to the cities now blanket approach to all hoarding.

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