MLC Centre Brand Custodians
Jones Lang LaSalle

What initially started as a repositoning exercise back in 2004 when we created the sub brand 'Destination Fashion' – went on and flourished under the art direction of THERE – growing to position the MLC Centre as one of Sydney’s foremost luxury fashion retail destinations and home to a number of leading international fashion brands such as Gucci, Zegna, Jimmy Choo and Cartier to name a few.

For over 6 yrs we have been entrusted by Jones Lang LaSalle with the 'brand guardianship’ of the MLC Centre –strengthening and building the brand – creating and managing all aspects of the Centre’s brand and advertising communications.

The high-fashion, illustrative approach adopted from the very beginning has given the Centre a very distict look to its branding and entire suite of marketing collateral, with a flexibility and 'brand stretch' that allows easy adaption to the Centre's core offers of Fashion Retail, Services and Food Court.

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