Republic Precinct

The workshop included our deep dive discovery process, allowing THERE to uncover a truly exciting vision for Belconnen and the new precinct. With over 1300 apartments, it is a mixed use, high density development that also incorporates a lively new town plaza and new way of living in Canberra. Designed by renowned firm, Fender Katsalidis Architects, the people centric vertical village incorporates amphitheatre style steps leading down to the lake front. Fender Katsalidis Architects have also created a significant public realm with access to the Sky deck, a retail balcony overlooking the lake and weaving interconnected laneways feeding through the precinct for all to share. THERE identified the brand pillars to underpin the developments campaign which led to a bold, confident and vibrant campaign never seen before in Canberra. 

Setting a development up for success underpins all that we do at THERE Property. In the case of REPUBLIC, we created a contemporary, enduring identity and compelling story. Not only does the identity redefine the new way of living for Canberrans, it had to be inviting to the locals and be a destination of choice, delivering a sense of community. GEOCON, along with Fender Katsalidis Architects, has achieved this through the innovative public realm, amenities and its mix of commercial, retail and food market hall concept.

Bringing focus to the natural beauty of the area, the expansive views were an important element and the building and public spaces were designed to framed these views.  On the ground, interconnecting laneways deliver a mix of commercial and retail, complimented by the cafe and artisan brewery offers. The laneway design will encourage a criss crossing from surrounding areas and bring with it the vibrancy for the new precinct. The inclusion of a 130 room hotel extending the use of the space adds another layer of activity continuing to foster street theatre and a vibrant cultural precinct. 

No campaign is the same. THERE Property invests a significant amount of time in the set up of a successful property marketing campaigns through the insightful questions asked, the workshop exercises and additional research.  This unveils what is unique, different and special about the development. It is from the brand strategy that all concept and design development is measured. This ensures the individual nature of the campaign, taking the subjectivity out of the process and that all deliverables add value to sales journey touch points. 

THERE’s proven process determines the best collateral and channels to connect the buyer profiles to the sales process and facilitate the sale. Designing the right tools to attract and engage buyers for REPUBLIC has led to an above expected sales results. The display suite, its size, location and inclusion of digital sales tools has enabled a truly immersive experience. Having created an App for the development has assisted both agents and buyers to access real time information anywhere, anytime. 

THERE's creation of an enduring brand will support future staged releases and continue to build the new precincts identity, helping buyers and locals embrace the new way of living in Belconnen. 

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