MLC Campaign 09/10
Jones Lang LaSalle

What initially started as a repositoning
exercise back in 2004 when we created
the sub brand 'Destination Fashion'
– went on and flourished under the art
direction of THERE for over 6 yrs –
growing to position the MLC Centre as 
one of Sydney’s foremost luxury
fashion retail destinations and home to
a number of leading international
fashion brands such as Gucci, Zegna,
Jimmy Choo and Cartier to name a few.

Following the 'Destination Fashion'
launch campaign a few years earlier, which captured the idea of leading worldwide fashion brands all under one roof, we then developed the theme further for the 2009/10 brand campaign which was to have more of a product focus.

Working with photographer Dieu Tan, a series of intricate set-ups were created. The various clothing, jewelry and luggage items seem to have a life of their own – dancing on the 'runway' with its obvious reference to both travel and fashion.

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