MLC Campaign 10/11
Jones Lang LaSalle

What initially started as a repositoning exercise back in 2004 when we created the sub brand 'Destination Fashion' – went on and flourished under the art direction of THERE for over 6 yrs – growing to position the MLC Centre as one of Sydney’s foremost luxury fashion retail destinations and home to a number of leading international fashion brands such as Gucci, Zegna, Jimmy Choo and Cartier to name a few.

A series of key 'hero' brand images were 
art-directed and shot for the 2010/11 brand
campaign which fused the ‘magic of the city at night’ with Harry Seidler’s iconic architecture to create a unique and memorable brand image.

The flexibility of the art direction allowed 
the brand to ‘breathe’ with an adaptable design language and distinct look that can be extended to key marketing collateral for the Centre's services and food court offer aswell as seasonal promotional activity.

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